In this episode Nerdpool Prime nerds out about the Emmy Award Winning AppleTV Original Series Ted Lasso. Emmy Award winner for Best Outstanding Comedy...View Details

Nerdpool Prime comes in hot with a jammed backed episode. First off in the spirit of a true Multi-Fandom podcast we wished a congratulations and thank...View Details

MEPHISTO IS 100% not confirmed sorry couldn't help myself. In this episode Nerdpool Prime does a deep dive into the amazing #SpidermanNoWayHomeTrailer...View Details

On yet another freestyle episode from Nerdpool Prime, a lot was said, that had to be said. #NerdtooineSpecBooks such as Nocterra (Reports from Bleedin...View Details

EPISODE SPONSORED BY DUFFY_BOYS_COMICS ON WHATNOT After almost a month off Nerdpool Prime had so much to say in this unscripted episode. First a self ...View Details

Fulfilling my own #GloriousPurpose by doing a breakdown of all the Easter Eggs of episode 5 of Loki: #JourneyIntoMystery. Thanos-Copter and #Throg are...View Details

Nerdpool Prime does a deep dive into all the details you may have missed from Loki episode 4: Nexus Event. There was so much in this episode including...View Details

Nerdpool Prime talks Loki at the mid-season point with break downs of episodes 2 and 3 along with a #NerdtooineTheory or two and a dash of #Nerdtooine...View Details

In this completely unscripted episode Nerdpool Prime says WE WON! The nerds won with the most popular and lucrative franchise in history is the Marvel...View Details

Nerdpool Prime does a deep dive on the premiere episode of the new Disney+ Original Marvel Series Loki entitled Glorious Purpose. The first episode of...View Details

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