On this short episode Nerdpool Prime says what he has to say regarding #ObiWanKenobi season finale. There is so much going on right now in the world t...View Details

Nerdpool Prime does a deep dive and full breakdown for Ms. Marvel Episode 2. Full Breakdown Episode Review Hot take on Marvel's Representation and mor...View Details

In the first of multiple episodes this week Nerdpool Prime give a full breakdown and #Review for #ObiWanKenobi episode 5 Full Breakdown Review A messa...View Details

Nerdpool Prime admits defeat and instead of full episode breakdowns you get #Reviews for #MsMarvel #ObiWanKenobi and #TheBoys so far Ms. Marvel has on...View Details

In this episode Nerdpool Prime does a #deepdive into the premier episode of the #ObiWanKenobiSeries on #DisneyPlus. Full Episode Breakdown Messages fo...View Details

In this episode Nerdpool Prime recounts his trip to #MegaConOrlando and all the highs and lows of the trip. Meeting Kevin Conroy Miss out on Cates, Sm...View Details

MEGACON 2022 Nerdpool Prime talks about the amazing spectacle that is #MEGACON   Part 2 Coming soon!

Nerdpool Prime does not hold back in this episode going on rants about how Moon Knight is no where near the best #Marvel #DisneyPlusOriginal, how good...View Details

In this episode Nerdpool Prime breaks down everything in Moon Knight episode 5 The Asylum. Praise Oscar Isaac! Dr. Arthur Harrow scenes breakdown #Jak...View Details

So it has been driving me crazy trying to figure out who the heck #ArthurHarrow really is in #MoonKnight. So I journeyed down the rabbit hole of comic...View Details

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