It's 2022, Happy New Year! Nerdpool Prime thought it fitting to enter 2022 by recapping on the fantastic year for content. Comics-1:20 TV Shows- 11:0...View Details

In this episode Nerdpool Prime talks about how the content of the 2021 holiday season may just be the best content we have ever had. #TheWitcherSeason...View Details

This is full of spoilers, if you have not seen Spider-Man: No Way Home you may want to skip this until you have. Full Breakdown of Key Scenes Recounti...View Details

Can you believe Spider-Man: No Way Home will be finally on the big screen in just under a week (4 days for me!!!)!? With all of the leaks and recent T...View Details

In this episode Nerdpool Prime takes a deep dive into who #Echo, AKA #MayaLopez is from #MarvelComics. Maya has made her appearance in the MCU in the ...View Details

After a much needed mental health weekend Nerdpool Prime is back with some reviews for some great content. #SpiderManNoWayHome trailer dropped which w...View Details

In this Nerdpool Prime has a minor freak out about all the leaks and lack of concern for the casual fans. After a summary of the #NerdtooineNews from ...View Details

This episode is dedicated to all the #DCFANDOME news that I felt was important. Breakdowns for the #BlackAdam, #TheFlash, and #TheBatman and many more...View Details

In this incredibly short episode Nerdpool Prime recounts his experience at his first con PalmCon. While a small con, it was still a wonderful experien...View Details

In this episode Nerdpool Prime nerds out about the Emmy Award Winning AppleTV Original Series Ted Lasso. Emmy Award winner for Best Outstanding Comedy...View Details

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