In this completely unscripted episode Nerdpool Prime says WE WON! The nerds won with the most popular and lucrative franchise in history is the Marvel...View Details

Nerdpool Prime does a deep dive on the premiere episode of the new Disney+ Original Marvel Series Loki entitled Glorious Purpose. The first episode of...View Details

In this episode Nerdpool Prime breaks down the Loki trailers to sum up what we know about the upcoming Disney+ Loki Series and adds a little #Nerdtooi...View Details

In this episode Nerdpool Prime seperates fact from fiction in the Nerdverse leading into a breakdown of everything we know for sure about Spider-Man: ...View Details

**SPOILER WARNING FOR ARMY OF THE DEAD** (NSFW- for language and topics not suitable for all ages) In part two of this weeks episode Nerdpool Prime ta...View Details

In the first part this episode double feature of content this week Nerdpool Prime talks about what constitutes a "good movie" before going over the sa...View Details

In this episode the Joker makes a surprise appearance telling everyone to find his Easter egg! Once the show started Nerdpool Prime had some personal ...View Details

After a week off Nerdpool Prime had a lot to say. Starting with #NerdtooineNews New Dragon Ball Super Movie announced for 2022 Thor: Love and Thunder ...View Details

Get your snacks and buckle your seat-belts because Nerdpool Prime has a really deep dive breakdown of everything in the Falcon and the Winter Soldier:...View Details

Nerdpool Prime breaks down the latest episode of Falcon and the Winter Soldier Episode 5: Truth. In an episode breakdown that is all spoilers, thank t...View Details

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