In this episode Nerdpool Prime takes a deep dive into who #Echo, AKA #MayaLopez is from #MarvelComics. Maya has made her appearance in the MCU in the newest Disney Plus Original #Hawkeye. Did we also see the return of Vincent D'Onofrio as the #KINGPIN

  • Special Thank You to All my guest from this past year it has been an honor!

    • Darnell Lewis
    • Jason Douglas
    • Jorge Zevallos
    • David Green
    • Doug Wagner
    • Joseph Reed aka @OldManVenom
    • Ario Anindito
    • Javan Jordan aka @Illest_Uminati
    • Darsan Solomon
    • Noah (Noah's Amazing Reviews)
    • Jeff (@Hardtocomebuy)
    • Key Hero Comics
    • Comixkings
    • One Month Later Podcast
    • Chansler for @WhatNotComics
    • and Duffy Boys Comics
  • Bravo_Collections- my first big fan Thank You!

More to come this is just the beginning!

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