(NSFW- for language and topics not suitable for all ages)

In part two of this weeks episode Nerdpool Prime takes an in depth look at the new #NetflixOriginal Movie, Zack Snyder's #ArmyOfTheDead. When it comes to zombie properties, it is really hard to make me not enjoy them. I like even bad zombie movies, this however is not one of the cases because Army of the Dead was a bloody good time.

Nerdpool Seal of Approval (8.5/10)

To wrap things up Nerdpool Prime dropped a teaser for future guest like @BigTimeCollectibles and Ario Anindito

Along with a future mystery quest and talks of a solo Nerdtooine Live Comic Claim sale! Like, Share, Subscribe, Follow you won't want to miss even one episode of Nerdtooine and a Movie Podcast!


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